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new album available March 17th, 2017

Secret Fires is the result of a very specific choice, where three musicians decide that restraint can be far more effective than constant demonstrations of strength, in a total lack of selfishness.
Michele Postpischl, a drummer with a delicate touch, Tato Izzia with his deep synths, and Francesca Bono’s velvet vocals, guitars and keyboards, aren’t afraid to show that vulnerability’s always lurking below the surface. A work of balance and depth.
Secret Fires is all about what’s under the surface, it unfolds itself through images. As Howie B said: ‘Imagine someone running through the fields and getting bigger, bigger, BIGGER!!!
Eight tracks, 8 like oxygen atomic number, that is to say, something we breath, something that makes life possible. The album is inspired by the complexity of both nature and human nature, by body prayers as well as the loneliness of the stars.

Written and Composed by Francesca Bono, Tato Izzia, Michele Postpischl and Howard Bernstein.
Produced by Howie B and Ofeliadorme.
Recorded by Joe Hirst and Howie B assisted by Frankie Rainey in Wales.
Mixed by Howie B assisted by Frankie Rainey in CMZ Studios, London.
Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery, London.


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